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Lost Pendant Reported - Saint Petersburg, Florida

Lost Wedding Ring Reported - Burgaw, North Carolina

Lost Wedding Ring Set Found - Williams, Iowa !!!

Lost Wedding Ring Reported - Normal, Illinois

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Our Success Stories for the past year...

Lost Wedding Ring found June 2023:

(Lost Item #3394)

I received a lost item report on Saturday morning for a ring lost the previous Wednesday. I contacted the submitter who then put me in contact with the owner of the lost item. Speaking over the phone I learned that the owner knew exactly how and where the item was lost and that the ring was made of tungsten carbide -- all very helpful information to have.

I offered to bring an extra detector if he was interested in giving it a try, he stated he was, so we made arrangements to meet Sunday morning at the location to see what we could find.

Sunday morning the owner and I walked down to the field and he gave a quick reenactment of how the ring was lost. I set him up with my Deus 1 detector and a quick how-to demo and we began detecting.

I started by gridding out a square of the area with my Manticore. He began searching the perimeter, occasionally calling me over to confirm a solid target, most of which turned out to be the ever common sprinkler head. After about an hour the owner hit a solid low tone and called me over saying it sounded different than his others.

I gave it a quick check with my machine to confirm the target, turned on my pinpointer and went in for a closer look. Sure enough, there just under some matted grass but still on top of the ground we found his ring!!

Both of us were thrilled to recover his very sentimental item, and I may have created a new detectorist in the process.

A big thanks goes to lostmystuff.net for facilitating the connection. I appreciate being able to help others in unexpected ways and share my joy of metal detecting and treasure hunting in all forms.

Success !!!

Success !!!

The Found Ring !!!

Success !!!

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Lost Ring found March 2023:

(Lost Item #3362)

In January 2023 I purchased a Minelab Equinox 900 after years of not participating in this hobby. I stumbled upon this Facebook group and saw that a week or two prior to me signing up somebody had entered a lost item report about 30 minutes from my house. So I signed up for the group and contacted the owner. He had lost a custom made ring that was made for his dad by melting down his deceased mom's gold. After his dad passed he was given the ring. It was another week before I could get out there. In the meantime the road side had been bush hogged!!!

My wife and I arrived about 10:30 a.m. and he had a general vicinity of about 30ft long and 5-6ft deep where he figured the ring could be.

We started searching with my detector's larger coil but there was so much trash that after a couple hours I ended up switching to my smaller one. We ended up having to take a break so I went and purchased a rake, then my wife raked & piled up the dead grass. I then searched through the dead grass and she put it aside. I started searching past his most northern marker and found it within about 3 minutes, 8ft North of where his marker was!!

The Found Ring !!!

Success !!!

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