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Lost Wedding Ring Found - Colorado Springs, Colorado!!!

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Lost Wedding Ring Reported - Colorado Springs, Colorado

Lost Class Ring Reported - Topsail, North Carolina

Lost Class Ring Reported - Galveston, Texas

Our Success Stories for the past year...

Lost Wedding Ring found June 2019:

(Lost Item #2842)

I emailed Keith, who had reported a lost ring in Mansfield, Ohio last week. He had already been contacted by another LMS member and they were planning to search for it that day. I sent a follow-up email the next day to make sure someone had searched for his ring and Keith stated someone had come by, but that the search was unsuccessful due to there being so much metal debris in the ground.

That being the case, we arranged for me to meet him at 4:30pm when he got off work to attempt a search for it. I arrived at 4:30pm as planned, but Keith wasn't home yet. He had stated it was lost in his backyard so I decided to go ahead and start without him. He did have a lot of metal in his yard, but I checked every possible surface target with my pro-pointer. After about ten minutes I located his ring, about ten feet from his rear deck.

I called Keith to see how soon before he'd be home and put the ring in my pocket. When Keith arrived I asked him to show me where he thought it was. He took me to the rear of the yard and stated it was around there. I then pulled his ring out of my pocket and handed it to him!!! I showed him where I found it, about 25 feet from where he thought it was.

He was very happy to have his ring back, and I was just as happy to be able to help him out!!!

Tom Durbin

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Lost Ring found June 2019:

I found this class ring last weekend at Topsail Island N.C.

I called the local ring representative for Herff Jones and he gave me the kids number. I called the school and they were in the middle of their graduation walk at UNCW. The student came by after graduation and got his ring back!!!

David Frazier

The Found Ring

The Found Ring

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Lost Ring found May 2019:

(Lost Item #2834)

I met with Darren and he explained where he had lost / flung his ring off. I started with the easy stuff, the grass and wood chips. Of course it wasn't there...

I told Darren that I'd left the flower beds for last, because I hate smashing down the vegetation. He gladly said to just go ahead, so I proceeded to search in the flower beds.

Maybe 2 minutes into looking in the plants, I looked at Darren and said "my work here is done". He said "what!!?" and I replied "I have your ring!"

Easy as that!

Mark Whipkey

It's right there!!

It's right there!

The Found Ring

The Found Ring

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Lost Wedding Ring found November 2018:

(Lost Item #2746)


I contacted the owner and went out and found it this afternoon.

Definitely a happy couple !!!

Mark Hobson

The Found Ring!

The Found Ring!

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Lost Wedding Ring found October 2018:

(Lost Item #2730)

After receiving a Lost Item Report from Lost My Stuff for Larry and his wife's lost wedding ring, I called him and made plans to meet at his house after work, which made it dark and cool out, around 40 degrees.

The ring had come off Larry's wife's finger while they were trimming brush in their yard. The game plan we came up with was to check in front of the brush pile first, because he and his wife had pulled most of the brush out onto the lawn and searched through it with no luck, and then put it back thinking that the ring may have been moved to the lawn. After that we checked the top and sides of the brush pile in case it was possibly hung up on a branch.

Next I went to the side of the pile where Larry's wife was when she had thrown some brush into the pile and the ring had flown off. I went about 5 steps with no signal until I ran my coil under the overhang of the pile where I got a solid +20 on my Whites DFX and told Larry that this was probably it. (I had told him we would know because of the solid repeatable signal and a almost zero depth).

I moved away the grass and leaves and there was the ring, glaring from the spotlight Larry had plugged in ready to use. I picked it up and said "Here it is" as I handed it to him.

We both were saying we coouldn't believe how easy it was once we checked in the pile. If it had got moved onto the lawn from the previous search and we started in the pile in the first place we would of been there for over an hour going through the briars and branches.

Long story, but quick find. I had called Larry at 6:10 Friday to tell him I was 10 minutes away and I was driving home at 6:45!

Thanks again for having this web site available -- it's as good for people who have lost things as it is for people who find them!

Mike Bailey

Very Happy Wife!

Very Happy Wife!

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Lost Wedding Ring found October 2018:

(Lost Item #2721)


I lost my wedding ring while playing football with my son and nephews. My entire family searched all over the grassy area in my parents back yard with no luck. That night I looked online to see if I could rent a metal detector. I then stumbled onto lostmystuff.net. I submitted a Lost Item Report that night and was contacted by Ray the next morning.

Ray drove from Leavenworth to Olathe to help me and was able to find the ring in no time at all. It was such a relief!

So much thanks to the group and especially to Ray!


The Happy Owner!

The Found Ring!

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