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Lost Cell Phone Found - Downtown Asheville, North Carolina!!!

Lost Wedding Ring Reported - College Station, Texas

Lost Keys Reported - North Conway, New Hampshire

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Added 1 new member


Attention Volunteer Searchers & people with Lost Items:

The Lost My Stuff Group provides an email forwarding service only.

The Lost My Stuff Group does not review, verify or endorse the services of any of the volunteers who have joined the Group, nor any of the reports of lost items received from people indicating they've lost something.

Everyone -- All persons reporting lost items & all volunteer searchers -- need to approach all offers of volunteered assistance and reports of missing items with their safety and well being in mind.

As recommended on other websites -- When meeting anyone from the internet for the first time:

Everyone is responsible for their own safety!!!

And on another note...

Each vounteer searcher needs to always make sure to research and adhere to any & all rules, regulations, laws, ordinances, and etc. that could possibly exist in the city, county, state or country where a search needs to be conducted. Not doing so could easily put a searcher in the sad position of being arrested or fined, and possibly having his/her detector, equipment, and even his automobile confiscated!