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  The Lost My Stuff Group

           We help find lost stuff for FREE !!!


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Added 1 new member

Lost Cell Phone Reported - Ibiza, Playa Bossa (Spain)

Added 1 new member

Lost Cell Phone Reported - Ibiza, Playa Bossa (Spain)

Lost Wedding Ring Reported - Excelsior, Minnesota

Lost Wedding Ring Set Reported - Orlando, Florida

What we do...

Have you lost a ring, bracelet, watch, necklace or other metal object outdoors and would like someone with a metal detector to help you search for it -- for FREE?

We are a group of volunteer metal detectorists who have joined together to do just that!

We don't charge a fee for our services, nor do we expect a reward when we're successful. Our only goal is to help people in need, because we all believe it's just the right thing to do.

If you've lost something outdoors (we can't search indoors) and would like one of our volunteers to help you search for it, just send us a Lost Item Report by completing the form on our Report a Lost Item Page.

Upon receiving your Lost Item Report, we'll forward it to our volunteers and if any of them are near your location and can help, they'll email, text, or telephone you to discuss how to best proceed.

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Please note:

If you lost your item in your own yard or on your own property, as long as you haven't overly disturbed the area (by tilling, plowing, aerating, adding or removing dirt, or similar) time isn't a major issue. In these cases, things can and are found years after the loss! Overly disturbing the area may make the item more difficult or impossible to recover.

If you lost your item in a public place like a beach, a park, a school yard, a golf course or somewhere similar, then time is critical and the search needs to be started ASAP!! If you delay, your item may be found by someone else and possibly never returned.

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Attention:  We need your help !!!

The Lost My Stuff Group has been in existence for about 14 years now. We've grown to 317 members around the world and we've been able to help lots of people find their lost stuff.

There are two things that enable us to help more & more people:

  1. More members being available to help search for lost stuff.
  2. More people knowing the Group exists so they know to ask us for help.

We need your help in both of these areas:

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!